What will happen
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We are a UK registered charity that provides grants to Russian NGO’s. All these charities we support are dedicated to improving the lives of economically and socially deprived children, or children with special needs.

Our Mission

To fund Russian charities which provide an alternative to orphanages and children homes.

Our Vision

  • All Russian children grow up in a family environment
  • Children with special needs live full and dignified lives with access to good quality care and education
  • Socially and economically deprived children and their families should have their basic needs met

Our work

Apart from grants we provide our projects with management, fundraising and professional support. We facilitate funding for these organisations from other sources such as corporate foundations, corporations and trusts.




By donating to ARC you support these projects which reach out to children in need

Financial statements for the organization in 2011 — see how we deliver help to children

Official ARC merchandise, buying these good quality items enables you to support our projects

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ARC top facts  

  • Established in 1995
  • Benefiting Russian children for 20 years
  • Benefited over 40,000 children and families
  • Main source of income is the ARC Fundraising Ball, which takes place in Moscow every September 
  • This year the Ball will be on Saturday, 26th September at the Metropol Hotel