Our projects

All of the ARC-supported projects have been chosen with great care.

All of these Russian initiatives seek to improve the lives of disabled and underprivileged young people and their families through the provision of education, physiotherapy and psychological therapeutic methods.


All our chosen projects are Russian-registered charities. On an annual basis, we ask our projects to apply for a grant by completing a detailed grant application. Once the application has been received, the ARC Management Committee will make a formal assessment and if the application is approved, a grant will be awarded.

As an organisation that raises its own funds, we appreciate the trust that has been placed in us by our sponsors and supporters. We take this responsibility very seriously. For this reason we seek to only fund projects that are sustainable, transparent and are models of good practice.

Before agreeing to take on a new project there is a monitoring period of 6 months in which research is carried out and financial and administrative information is scrutinized. Once accepted as an ARC project we remain loyal to that organisation and in addition to financial help, we also offer professional guidance and advice if required. Increasingly, we provide facilitation services in which direct funding relationships are fostered between corporate sponsors and ARC projects.

ARC Projects

  • Provides top-up education for young people who have been through the State orphanage system.

  • Early diagnosis, physical rehabilitation & educative support for children with special needs.

  • The IDFP was founded in 2012 by Lyudmila Petranovskaya, one of Russia’s leading family placement experts and a high profile campaigner for improving the life chances of at-risk and abandoned children.

  • Andrey set up his integrated theatre company in 1997. In 2013 his company became part of the NGO “Equal Opportunities” which supports people with special needs.

  • Inclusive school number 1321 Kovcheg was founded in 1991 by a visionary teacher, Alexandra Mikhailovna, who believed that all children are educable, and that children with special needs should be fully functioning members of society.

  • Krug’s goal is to integrate young people with special needs and their families into society and the world of culture. 

  • A small musical theatre company for young people and adults with Downs syndrome.

  • We are supporting one of Otkazniki's projects called "Warm Home". Otkazniki receive calls from Moscow hospitals about mothers at risk of abandoning their newborn babies. They send psychologists in the first 24 hours who work with these women. Their success rate is 60% prevention of abandonment.

  • A Rehabilitation Centre for Children with special needs, they also run a busy and successful hippotherapy riding centre.

  •  Dr Klochkova, a paediatric neurologist, was the first Russian to qualify in physiotherapy from St George’s Hospital London. Today she is Russia’s leading physiotherapist.  

  • In March 2015 St Sophia’s, a private home belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church, opened its doors to 25 disabled children from a state institution, where they had been confined to bed 24 hours a day in the Miloserdie ward.


  • The Pro-mama Centre was set up in 2010 as a follow-up project to the Our Family Project, which was Russia’s first professionally run family placement service.


  • The Resource Centre is a key project of Here and Now, a non-profit organisation helping social orphans

  • This project works with young people who have been through the State care system of children’s homes and internats.